Aanjaay Technologies has been appreciably and prudently rendering high quality embedded products to the global market. Listed below are few of our products which has been implemented successfully.

Spinmax - Speed Variator Solutions for Spinning Frames

Embedded control based programmable Speed controller is highly suitable for all type of speed variators like Variable Sheave Pulley. It provides multiple steps of Speed and programmable acceleration, reduces the end breaks and increases the production. The closed loop control system monitors set speed and maintains constant speed during the time of power fluctuations. Buuilt in SRAM /Flash memory stores the status and programs during power failures and resumes its operations automatically during power on sequences.All production details like, Spindle Speed, Front Roller Speed, TPM/TPI, Hanks, Doffs, Stoppages etc., are monitored automatically. SPINMAX can be interfaced to a computer thro' two wire RS 485 serial communication to computer for centralized production monitor and control using SPINDATA Interface and software.

  • Time/Length based programs.
  • Better unit/Kg Energy efficient.
  • Programmable recovery time.
  • Production details and doff reports on LCD/LED displays
Spindata Centralized

Spindata Centralized Protection Monitor and Control System

SPINDATA : Designed to monitor and control max of 200 nos of Ring Spinning Frames in the spinning mills in real time. Software package designed to update the production details from individual machines in real time throe master slave multi drop communication network. Users friendly software package + Graphical display provides complete details of each m/cs. The package is designed to show all the details of each frame (in groups), for running status, Cop built up, stoppages etc,. The Software maintains data base for about 2 to 3 months.

Production reports in different formats can be generated on shifts, daily, weekly and monthly basis on demand. Detailed stoppage report provides the reasons of stoppages and duration.

It is configured as Distributed Control system to have better flexibility to the user to access, either from the Central computer or from the individual machines thro particular machine station


Embedded PLC based Sytem suitable for Auto Winders

Lenght Measuring Systems for Winding Applications

Embedded / Micro Conroller based Preset Length counter designed to measure Length & yarn Take up in winding machines on each head or drums.The measurment of length on each drum is counted based on the rotation of the main drum with yarn running signals from each head/ drum. On reaching preset length the actuator or cutter stops the yarn with full doff indication.

  • Individual Drum settings /Reset
  • Full doff Indicators on each drum /head
  • Handles multiple speeds of drums
  • Programmable slip factors
  • Monitors 200 drums
  • Built in Production monitor
USB Driver of LCD Projector

USB Driver of LCD Projector

This product was developed to create an interface between Universal Serial Bus mouse and a LCD projector.

USB is a new standard for connecting upto 127 devices through one USB port. The advantage is that the clutter of wire behind the PC can be reduced to one single cable.

The projector connects to the PC as a VGA monitor. The projector has a remote control, which can be used for controlling various parameters of the projector and also as a mouse. This mouse is realized by connecting the projector to the PC also via USB. The projector behaves as a USB Mouse over this connection. And hence the remote control can be used as a mouse for controlling the presentation from the PC.

Pneuma Control

Pneuma Control - Energy Saver for Fan & Pump Applications

Highly suitable for Air suction fans and pumps using AC DRIVES (VFD). It saves energy up to 30% in Auto cone winding Machines.Solid State sensor provides on line vacuum / air pressure in the ducts and thereby controlling the AC drive and fan to save energy.

STRETCH / SHRINK INDICATOR - Multi piont monitor

Stretch cum Shrinkage indicator is highly suitable for Sizing Ranges, Drying Ranges and Vertical Ranges in the Textile processing Mills. It is designed to monitor the stretch and shrinkage at variuos zones.

Error Detection / Error Correction Algorithms Implementation

This product was developed to implement Error Detection/ Error correction algorithms (PCI Driver) on TriMedia TM1000/TM1100 for IDE CDR.

The partial implementation was done for feasibility study of using the TriMedia TM1000/TM1100 based hardware for MP3 player. The idea was to built a VCD Recorder reference design using the Philips TriMedia TM1000/TM1100 processor and Philips CDR Drives. The drives, which are considered for the project, were IDE CDR Drives. These drives need to be interfaced with the TriMedia TM1000/TM1100 processor over the PCI Bus using PCI to IDE Bridge. For this Intel Bridge was chosen and a driver is developed over the TriMedia TM1000/TM1100 processor for accessing the drive. Further the Driver was supported with the algorithms and techniques for CDR Mastering.

The ISO9660 File system was used for the CDR mastering. Also EDC and ECC algorithms are used for online correction if the error is detected due to some scratch or damaged CDR Media


This product was developed to perform tape backup software for backup/restore on any logical or network drive.

Safe back is a tape backup software providing backup/restore facilities on any logical or network drive. The backup can be in normal, compressed or encrypted mode.

The software supports IDE and SCSI formats and runs on Windows 95/NT.


E-Sign exhibits a convenient method of enabling secure document transfer between individuals and organizations. This is done by embedding a visible graphic signature on commonly used word processor documents such as MS Word documents. Using a typical scenario, a user can embedded their personal E-Sign on a document and email to a colleague. On receiving the document, the recipient can verify the authenticity of the document by the presence of the signature. If the document is modified or tampered with, the signature will not be present. The sender will have to re-insert their signature in the document to establish authenticity to the recipient

The salient features of this solution are:

The E-Sign signatures are created by scanning actual signatures of users into the electronic format. The solution integrates with the word processor software and appears as an icon on the toolbar. Embedding the signature on the document requires one click of the toolbar icon.

Signature is embedded within standard word processor documents. The user can sign a document on virtually any computer, requiring just a personal E-Sign diskette.

Signature is embedded within standard word processor documents. The user can sign a document on virtually any computer, requiring just a personal E-Sign diskette.

Signed documents do not require any external software to verify the signature or to print, copy or modify the document.

User has a list of signed documents and can verify their integrity.

The signature system requires minimal resources within the document or for the system.

The solution can be installed on personal computers or enterprise networks.

E-Sign can be used as a stand alone solution for secure electronic document transfer and can also be integrated with third party applications to enhance the level of security. As an example, our 'Vigilance & Fraud Monitoring' product has been integrated with E-Sign to add additional value to the product.

Encryption/Decryption System

ENCRYPTION/DECRYPTION is a solution designed to enable users to transfer data securely across a network. The 'binding and analysis' features of the system allow the recipient of the data to check the document for modifications and ensure secure data management. The application is designed to run on a standard Windows based platform.

When a file is encrypted using our Encryption/Decryption system a signature is bound to the document using a cryptographic hashing algorithm. The system uses Symmetric Key Encryption. The file is encrypted using a Private session Key, which can be decrypted, only by using the same Key, with which it is encrypted. The Document carries the Message Digest information which in turn is encrypted using the 128bit encryption algorithm to prevent tampering. The encrypted file, on decryption the system will recalculate the digest and verified against the stored one. The system will reject the decryption request if the file authentication fails, thereby preventing the access of original data by unauthorized user. Also, the encrypt-digest can only be validated within the original document it was bound to using this product.

Smart Card Operating System

Smart Card Operating System, Hardware Abstraction Layer


ST7 / ST19 Type Smart card Micro controllers.

This product was developed to Implement Implementation of Operating System like functionality for ST7/ ST19 Smart card micro controllers for use with multi application smart cards. Implementation of ISO 7816-3 and ISO 7816-4 standards for T=1.

Embedded Software for accessing the resources available with the Micro controller based smart card chips. Developed for ST Microelectronics ST16 chips, this includes various routines for communication with the terminal.

The protocol complies with ISO 7816-3 and ISO 7816-4 standards. This layer acts as a bridge between the hardware and the application

Heart Stimulator testing

This product was developed to test and validate project for validating the functionality of the Micro pace EPS320 heart stimulator as per the Validation protocol.

System Validation and Testing of the hardware and software for the Heart Stimulator EPS320. This software is tested in our lab using black box, and gray box testing methodologies. The test software/ harness required for testing is developed.

The system involves a self-contained two channel Micro controller - based stimulus Box, capable of generating simple regular pacing pulses. It can also be externally and interactively programmed by the user to generate complex pacing patterns through a serial data link, using a custom standard software program implemented on a standard PC. This acts as a source for electrical pulses for the diagnostic electrical stimulation of the heart for the purpose of measurement, initiation and termination of the tachyarrhythmia.

Power Port

This product was developed to utilize Miniport driver for Windows.

Power Port Utilizer is an NDIS compliant Miniport driver for Windows. It is a simple and powerful way to enable a network cordless machine to share network resources.

Power Port Utilizer allows a network cordless machine running Windows, to appear as a node when connected through the parallel port of any existing node running Windows. It provides complete functionality of the network.